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    Fundamental Business Concepts
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    Fundamental Marketing Concepts
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    Concepts of Finance
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    Concepts of Entrepreneurship/Management
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    Fundamentals of Ethics
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    Fundamental Business Concepts Pre-test
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    Fundamental Marketing Concepts Pre-test
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    Concepts of Finance Pre-test
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    Concepts of Entrepreneurship/Management Pre-test
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    The A*S*K Institute provides objective, third-party documentation of learning achievement through A*S*K Business Certificates. Based on industry-validated skills and requisite knowledge, the certifications offer added value to completion of course work and other learning experiences. Specifically, A*S*K Institute will:

    • Administer business-validated assessments nationwide
    • Identify those individuals who meet business-validated standards
    • Document achievement
    • Connect high-achieving students with business partners
    • Encourage articulation of high school and college curricula

    Key Elements:

    • Online exams addressing specific elements of the nationally validated curriculum standards for business administration. Proctored, online exams independent of classroom delivery system will ensure valid, objective, and reliable test taking and scoring.
    • Recognition of high-achieving examinees, including file letters, web-based profile (optional), press release(s), and other appropriate documentation of achievement for use in personal portfolios and other job/college application materials.

    Pre-tests, available July 1 - November 30, are intended to measure student knowledge prior to instruction. They may be used for several purposes, such as to measure gain over the course of the program or to help focus instruction in the most appropriate areas. Pre-Assessments are not intended for use as practice exams, study guides, nor for other instructional purposes.

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    For more detailed information, visit the A*S*K Institute website. For exam specifications, including lists of performance indicators covered on each exam, click here.


    For teacher and student feedback on the value of A*S*K, click here.